The TRaiNX Charity Foundation


Decoding TRaiNX

Tie Ren (鐵人) in Chinese has a number of meanings – railway man, steadfast, triathlon athlete.   Nuan Xin (暖心) carries a connotation of warmth, comfort and caring.  In addition, Tie Xin (鐵心) in Chinese signifies one’s determination and resolve. TRaiNX embraces all of the above characteristics.


History and Development

TRaiNX stands for Tie Ren Nuan Xin (TRNX), directly transliterated from the Putonghua (鐵人暖心 ).  Adding in the ‘ a ’ and ‘ i ’ is to make the acronym sound like ‘ trains ’, a further acknowledgement of the railway origins, as the founding  members are all ex-staff members of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC). It was established and got registered as a non-profitable charity organization in 2008.

Over the years, TRaiNX has sponsored a number of projects both in Hong Kong and Mainland China, closely adhering to its Mission. Some of the projects are on-going, and even with years of commitment.

Through these years, membership of TRaiNX has been extended to friends and relatives of our members, and the railway origin is no longer prevailing. It is just a charity foundation in Hong Kong.


Organization Structure

The Foundation has a simple structure with members and a Board of Directors. There are nine elected Directors sitting on the Board, who should be responsible for all decisions on activities of the Foundation, including approval of membership, acceptance of donations and approval of charitable projects.

The Foundation appreciates the efforts of volunteers. They can be members or non-members, joining hands with us in charitable projects, visiting our targets and contributing to our meaningful cause on a self-financing basis.



 現屆董事會     Current Directors




   Lai Sau Heem, Selwyn  黎守謙  Chairman
   Cunningham King Kong Sang, Mimi        簡金港生  
   Lai Man Hay, Samuel      黎文熹  
   Lau Kwai Hing, Raymond  劉桂興 Secretary
   Chow Hing Yip, Raymond   周興業  
   Yeung Kwong Fai,  Alfred  楊光輝  
   Wong Chi Cheung, William   王志祥 Treasurer
   Woo Nin Ying, Nora  胡蓮英  

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