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TRaiNX Charity Foundation is a non-profit making charitable organization in Hong Kong. It is committed to helping the underprivileged students and aged both in Hong Kong and on the Mainland. Shortly after its inception  in July, the Foundation's charity status was formally recognized by the Government under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112, Law of Hong Kong) with effect from 20 September 2008.



All the activities of the Foundation are to be planned and organized by the directors. The list of directors can be seen under "Organization" .



基金會希望透過參與,捐助一些香港及內地的教育、扶貧、震災、醫療等項目,關懐及支助有需要的學童及長者。歡迎支持本會宗旨的熱心公益人士加入本會,並參與工作。會員的權利包括選舉執 行事,被選為執行事,定期收到本會活動的訊息,參與本會的活動,提出改善會務的意見等等。

Through the active participation of members, the Foundation raises funds for educational projects, anti-poverty movements, relief and medical schemes, as well as rendering care and support to students and the aged in need. We welcome those who share  the same values to join us. A member has the right to vote and stand for election to be a director, to be informed of the up-coming events of the Foundation, to participate in our activities and projects, and has the obligation to raise any views for the betterment of the Foundation's work.



(1) 線上填寫表格 

(2) PDF  免費軟件,再點擊及列印 ( 會員表格 Membership Form )


以上述任何一種方式填妥表格後,連同入會費,交任何一位執行處理 ,或入賬後將紀錄交給 / 傳給任何一位執行事跟進。


本會章程規定, 任何人士捐出善款港幣壹萬元,經董事會批准,可成為會員。壹萬元的善款可分三年分多次交付,一旦收取了第一次的部份捐款,經董事會批准,可成為附屬會員。


Those who wish to be a member of this Foundation can click on the links above to (1) submit an application online, or (2) download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, print out the Application Form and submit together with the membership fee through any director, or send the bank-in slip after making a transfer to any of our directors.


According to the constitution of the Foundation, any person making a donation of HK$10,000 or above and approved by the Board, could become a member. The remittance can be made by installment up to a maximum of three years. And a person who had made the first installment payment will be eligible to become an Associate Member, subject to approval by the Board.


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