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Governance 管治


TRaiNX has established a Board of Directors which ensures proper governance of the Foundation's operations. TRaiNX aims at putting into practice all the strictest financial principles, Code of Conduct Guidelines and promotes the culture of self-discipline, zero-tolerance and requires all Directors/ members to act for the best interest of the parties we serve.

TRaiNX 設置了一個董事會以主理整個慈善機構的日常運作。TRaiNX 積極實踐嚴格的財務原則及行為守則指引、全力推展自我約束文化和零容忍態度,並要求所有理事和會員均時刻以服務對象的最佳利益為決策及處事之依歸。





To ensure objectivity, a Director is required to observe the Code of Conduct at all times and declare to the Board

  1. any private interest which may affect his/her judgment in performing duties relating to the activities of TRaiNX;

  2. any investment held by him/her and his/her close relatives which may lead to a conflict of interest;

  3. any decision made which may ultimately prejudice the interests of other clients; or

  4. if being asked to serve in an area where he/she has already had a private interest.



1.  可能在履行有關本會職責時影響其決定的私人利益;

2.  可能與本會有利益衝突的個人及親屬擁有的投資;

3.  可能導致對某些服務對象產生不公的決定;或

4.  可能與其個人利益有衝突的服務範疇。



Fund Raising

  1. The public and all donors will be informed of the Foundation's mission and its intended way to use donated resources through printed materials, e-communications and publicity on this website;

  2. They will be provided with sufficient information to ensure that all publicity materials are accurate and truthful.


1. 我們將透過各種宣傳方式,包括刊物、電子通訊及網站發布,向公眾和所有捐助人士交代本會的服務,及如何支配獲得的捐贈;

2. 我們將提供足夠的資訊以確保呼籲捐助的宣傳品內容準確無誤。



Financial Prudence

  1. Directors are required to  consider each and every donation request carefully, and to observe a 3-year commitment budget before making any approval ;

  2. Proposals should be put up to the Board of Directors and approved by majority;

  3. The Board of Directors are split into two groups, each with at least three Directors. A Cheque issued  should be signed by two Directors, each from one group;

  4. Each project should be closely monitored by at least two designated Directors;

  5. Monitoring Reports, whether verbal or written, should be submitted to the Board to consider and assess the service quality and effectiveness, and for future reference;

  6. Monitoring work should not incur any expenses, unless prior approval is obtained from the Board.


  1. 董事會會慎重考慮每一個捐款要求,並在未來三年財政負擔許可下才能批准新撥款的申請;

  2. 每項捐助都必須呈交建議並經董事會商議及批准;

  3. 董事分為兩組,每組不少於三人。所有支票均需兩名不同組別的董事簽署;

  4. 每個資助項目本會均會指派最少兩名董事跟進監察;

  5. 跟進報告,無論口述或書面,均需提交董事會考慮和評估,以改善服務素質和成效,及作為日後參考之用;

  6. 除非預先獲得董事會批准,監察工作一概不可涉及金錢支出。



Core Values

In carrying out our projects we will uphold the following values:

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Ampathy

  • Integrity

  • Nuturing

  • Xustainability



  • 誠實可靠

  • 尊嚴為本

  • 樂意服務

  • 守不阿

  • 情善意

  • 持續雋永



Administrative Expenses

  1. All Directors are required to comply with the applicable laws and regulations;

  2. The Directors should exercise due care, diligence and thoroughness in handling all transactions;

  3. Administration expenses should be kept to the bare minimum ;

  4. Expenses of up to and including $5,000 can be approved by any one Director;

  5. Expenses of $5001 or above require the approval of any two Directors;

  6. The claimant cannot approve his/her own expenses;

  7. Any Director(s) handling financial documents should also ensure that the information provided therein is accurate to the best of his/ her knowledge, and not misleading.


1.    各董事當遵守適用法律和條例;

2.    在處理金錢交收方面將會特別小心、謹慎和細緻;

3.    行政支出將會控制至極低水平;

4.    支出金額在5,000港元或以下者,可以由一名董事批准;

5.    支出金額在5,001港元或以上者,須由兩名 董事批准;

6.    申索者不能批准自己的開銷;

7.    各董事在處理財務文件時有責任確保其內容之準確性,及沒有誤導成份。





Maintaining transparency is vital to the success of a Charitable Organization. We are sure that we can uphold our values through the following arrangements:-

  1. All stake holders can obtain information about  TRaiNX and monitor the progress of projects through this website;

  2. Members will be provided with the latest update of our work and development in various formats, and an e-version will also be placed on this website for public viewing;

  3. Annual Reports with audited financial statements outlining all the projects and administrative expenses will be published and an e-version will be placed on this website as well;



保持透明度對一個慈善機構的成功至為重要。下列安排可以確保我們能夠恪守核心價值 :-

1.    持份者皆可透過此網站取得有關TRaiNX的各項資料及藉此監察慈善項目的進展;

2.    本會會員可透過不同形式的通訊獲悉會務及本會各方面的發展,而有關資訊亦會擺放在此網站上供公眾瀏覽;

3.    每年將發表年報,涵蓋所有慈善項目、列出經核算後的年度財務報告等資料,並將電子版本放置網站上供各界人士省覽;


The above stated is subject to periodical review by TRaiNX for further improvement.


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