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10th Annual General Meeting of TRaiNX

Chairman’s Report 2017

(By Mr Samuel Lai Man Hay)

 Friday, April 27, 2018



Celebrating 10 Successful Years

Our Charity Foundation is reaching the 10-year anniversary milestone this year.  Since its incorporation in July 2008, the Foundation has grown from an organization of 18 to 79 members, and has persistently carried out its mission to work for the benefit of the young and the old in need. For the past 10 years, we have been, on the average, touching around 500 youths and elderlies each year through a total of 40 initiatives and programmes. During this period, total expenditure for benevolent projects amounted to $5.7 million, the majority of which was spent in youth education. We are now sponsoring around $1 million yearly on over 10 programmes, while receiving roughly the same amount in donation. The Foundation’s monetary reserve stood at $2.68 million at the end of the year, providing it with a solid base for building further success.



Benevolent Projects in Hong Kong

Marginal Youth Hostel in Yuen Long 

Having sponsored the hostel programme run by the M9 Marginal Youth of the Jubilee Ministries for a year, we were satisfied that the hostel did provide a necessary shelter for some youngsters to stay out of trouble and thus turning them towards the right path. We will continue to support this programme for another year.  We will also sponsor to place a team of youth from band 3 schools into a basketball league to help build respect, hard work and sense of belonging amongst them.


Precious Blood Children’s Village in Fanling 

We visited the Precious Blood Children’s Village in July, and were pleased to see many happy faces.  We were told that the Village has now obtained enough funding so that our support to provide the girls with extra tuition classes was no longer required.


Elderly in Sham Shui Po 

We were supporting this programme for the fifth year in a row.  During the year, our Directors and volunteers visited the YWCA canteen, had lunch with the elderlies for a few times, and were pleased to receive the feedback that the food assistance we provided was helpful. 


The aged in Ta Ku Ling   

This meaningful programme to provide 120 elderly folks from the Ta Ku Ling area with 5 Kg of rice every month was again extended for another year.  Our volunteers also continued the tradition of visiting them before Mid-autumn festival and Chinese New Year to hand out fortune bags which contained traditional Chinese festive food. 


Annual House Cleaning for the Elderly 

We were funding the Neighborhood Care Household Cleaning Scheme (愛鄰舍家居清潔計劃) for the 9th year, and this time the coverage was in the Yuen Long, Mongkok and Kai Tak area.



Activities in the Mainland 

Submitting Documents for the Record for Temporary Activities 

We became aware that as an overseas NGO, the Foundation is required by a new Mainland law to submit, for each charitable project, documents for the record for it to carry out the related activities in the Mainland.  An accredited law firm has been engaged to prepare and notarize all required documents, which are expected to be submitted to the relevant authority later this year.


Primary and Junior High School Students 

In June and Oct, we visited東榮鎮昨雅村關平培苗小學and 太平鎮健安村樂知小學, spending time with the students we are supporting, paid some home visits, and reviewed with the principals the sponsorship programmes. For this school year, we are providing aids to 31 junior high students and 47 primary students. 

Two three-day English Camps were organized in June for the P.5 and P.6 students of the two primary schools respectively, aided by 15Tengxian Senior High School graduates.  At the same time, a half day “funshop”was organized for the junior high students, aiming to build confidence through the playing of games and exercises.

During the visit in June, we were convinced that 昨雅關平培苗小學 was in need of a kindergarten, to be built on some land adjacent to the school. While application can be made to the government for the construction of the building, the land has to be secured as a pre-requisite. However, the school does not have the financial capability to acquire the land.  To get the project going, we have agreed to help fund the land purchase, with the money coming from a member who specifically made donation for this purpose.


Senior High School Students 

Twelve graduates were brought to Shenzhen and Hong Kong where they toured the cities for three days, visiting the Baptist University and spending time with their mentors. For the new school term, we added to our sponsor list 15Senior 1 students, making a total of 45 students under our sponsorship.  Two of the Senior 1 students were originally from 昨雅小學and 健安小學

When visiting the senior high students in June, with the help of volunteers who are expert facilitators, we arranged a “Value of Self” workshop which aimed to guide the students, through a series of games and exercises, to know themselves and grasp the idea that their future would be dictated by their mind set. The students seemed to enjoy the workshop very much, judging from the non-stop laughter echoed throughout.


TRaiNX Learning Centers in Fujian 

Two directors visited some of the learning centers in May, and were satisfied that they were running well.  We will carry out annual review to ensure that they continue to serve the purpose intended.



Fund Raising Activities 

Our annual fund raising Gala dinner was held in October, participated by some 220 members and friends.  Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, over $365,000 was raised in the event.

In December, we again managed to raise some funds by selling Christmas Hamper for Charity, albeit in a smaller scale than last year. This was only possible due to the donation of time and effort from our volunteers, to whom we are most grateful.



I would like to thank members, volunteers and friends for their generous donations, assistance, participation and continuous support in all our projects and events.  Having served the Foundation as its chairman for six full years, I reckon it is time for me to step down.  I take this opportunity to thank my fellow Directors for giving me all necessary advice and support, and for their unfailing dedication and hard work towards the Foundation’s course.


Samuel Lai

April 27, 2018

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